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Authorisation - warranty and post-warranty repairs

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Truck Partner services fleets of leading brands such as Volvo, Renault, Iveco, Scania, Mercedes, MAN, DAF. It also specialises in repairing Kögel, Wielton, Feber, Kassbohrer, Mega and Meiller Kipper trailers, which it has authorised for several years. Within the framework of its authorisation, it carries out overhauls and warranty repairs of the full range of their components, in particular Wabco, Knorr and Haldex braking systems, BPW, SAF and Mercedes-Benz TrailerAxleSystems and JOST support legs.

Truck Partner also handles accident repairs and the associated straightening of frames and cabs. For straightening, it uses Cellete’s professional equipment, which includes pumps, hydraulic cylinders, towing towers for cabs, as well as various tooling including a floor plate. By using JOSAM’s induction heater, we do not expose the vehicle’s electrical system and accessories to damage as is the case when using a traditional torch and open flame, and we do not cause changes to the structural steel structure. To check the accuracy of the repair work, we use the JOSAM measuring system.

In addition to the wide range of mechanical work associated with the repair of engines, gearboxes, suspensions, etc., the service also carries out electrical repairs, as well as associated installation of Toll Collect devices for automatic calculation of German motorway tolls and installation and checking of tachographs.

Tachograph service

Service Truck Partner provides the following services related to analogue and digital tachographs. Our employees professionally deal with:

checking (formerly legalisation)

repair of tachographs

calibration of digital tachographs

reading tachograph and driver data

Straightening of frames and cabs

We carry out fast and comprehensive post-accident repairs, such as frame straightening, cab repairs on various types of vans and trucks, as well as semi-trailers and trailers. All repair work is carried out using specialised tools and equipment from renowned manufacturers (including Celette and JOSAM), and with the help of our qualified staff. With proper diagnosis and repair of faults, the vehicle in question will regain not only its former appearance, but also its efficiency.

Loading lift service

We provide professional repairs and warranty and post-warranty servicing of loading lifts. These types of structures are a useful element of every lorry and delivery vehicle – they significantly facilitate and accelerate transport services. Due to their constant operation, they are exposed to various types of failures, which is why we also sell spare parts for cranes. We also offer assistance in preparing the necessary documentation for the Office of Technical Inspection, both for registration and periodic inspections.

VIESA Kompressor III - Parking air conditioner

In EU countries, it is prohibited to park vehicles with the engine running. In order to guarantee the comfort of every truck driver even during breaks, we recommend fitting a VIESA Kompressor III parking air conditioner. This type of device ensures a constant cabin temperature even when the vehicle is parked. This is most useful for long journeys in the summer and also for journeys to particularly warm countries. An additional advantage of the unit is its quiet operation – the use of innovative technologies significantly reduces both noise and vibration levels.

Semi-trailer and trailer service

In the field of semi-trailers and trailers, we offer a full range of services. Within the framework of authorisations held by trailer and semi-trailer manufacturers such as Kögel, Wielton, Feber, Kassbohrer, Mega, we carry out periodic inspections and guarantee repairs.

Truck tractor service
trucks and commercial vehicles

We provide a professional after-warranty service for all types of trucks of leading brands.

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